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Ernst Kraft, Dutch artist, born in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands, 1952 Current studio: Málaga, Spain 

In the seventies he followed practical studies of fine arts with the artist Jacques von Pell in Amsterdam, then he started his own studio also in Amsterdam. In 1989 he moved his atelier to Malaga, Spain.

His work on canvas, paper or other media, conceived as abstract and dramatic expression of contemporary art, is exhibited internationally in galleries and institutions. 
His career is complemented by other perspectives, such as objects, installations and sculptural constructions in public spaces such as: The Labyrinth of León, in the green zone of the Altzheimer Foundation in León, Mexico, The stone labyrinth in the 'Ortspitze' park, in the city of Passau, Germany, The house of the two chimneys, built in the sculpture park of the city of Santa Rosa, Argentina, The transparent staircase and the Courtyard Labyrinth, both in Malaga or The Cube (Kubus) in Ostend, Belgium. 
In 2015 the children's story Paco Pulpito was published with text and illustrations by the author. In 2016 the book The Chronicles of Kong was published, a fully illustrated fable about crimes against humanity.

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See below video Ernst Kraft by Rakesh Bhagwan Narwani, project " Ejemplares", (Málaga / Frankfurt / Milano / Manchester / Lisbon)